The latest Windows Update was a cumbersome one; firstly it confused us by actually asking what privacy settings we wanted to allow.

It then hogged the internet with its 4GB download.

Which took forever to install and when you logged back in, in the morning took just as long to configure.

So was it all worth it, what new benefits does Windows 10 version 1703 bring to a small business or home user


1. Windows Defender Security Centre

Windows Defender Security Centre brings together Anti-virus, Device health, Firewall, Browser/App Control and Parental Control into a neat little App.

Having 4 green ticks is a good start to ensuring your system is running smoothly.

Windows Defender Security Centre


2. Night Light

Blue Light is known to reduce the amount of melatonin in our bodies and therefore change our sleep patterns and body clock.

This new feature reduces the amount of Blue Light emitted from the computer screen.

The new orange tinge now means that we can work all through the night without damaging our health.

Windows 10 Night Light


3. Windows Update Snooze

Windows 10 has been a nightmare for small businesses and home users as it would update when it wanted, usually in the middle of writing an important document.

Now you can pause updates for up to 35 days.

Windows 10 Snooze

For a full list of features, check out


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Windows 10 Creators Update
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