“Is this spam?”

I get this question at least once a week.

And the fact that I am being asked usually means “yes it is Spam”.

Because we know in our gut that something isn’t right.

However sometimes the e-mails are so well constructed we end up clicking that link.

Here are 2 easy ways to see if the e-mail is fake


1. Check the Senders E-mail Address
Check to see if the name of the sender matches the e-mail address that it is being sent from

Check Sender E-mail address
Figure 1: Name of the sender is a Solicitors however the senders address is an school academy.


Figure 2: E-mail is pretending to be from Apple Support. However the e-mail address does not confirm this.Hover over link

2. Hover Over Link
In some cases, the sender may have been hacked and therefore the e-mail address is correct.

Since these e-mails are trying to get you to install something or provide you e-mail credentials, there is usually a link to click


Instead hover the mouse over it

Figure 3: Here you can see that the link does not take you to applied.com


Figure 4: It looks like Apple, however the web address says different


  • If you have fallen victim to e-mails such as these, then always change all of your important passwords.In many cases you have all the passwords for other systems within your mailbox. so it is worth changing these too.
  • Protect your accounts using 2 Factor Authentication
  • If it doesn’t feel right then it probably is not right

For further help or information drop us an e-mail help@claudecomputing.co.uk


Is This SPAM? – 2 ways to determine if a message is fake

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