I write this post while my PC is 2 hrs into recovering data from a 2TB Western Digital My Book Live
It has been used more as a Shared Drive than a Backup, so when it accidentally fell and refused to turn back on it was the only copy of the Company Files and Family Photos in existence

So imagine this

Your Laptop, PC, Tablet or Mobile falls and smashes into a million pieces

Have you Backed Up?

If the answer is No

Pop to the shops or online and get yourself an external hard disk

Portable Hard Disk Drive
I purchased a portable drive from the local supermarket for £50

Here is what to do next

  1. Plug it in to your computer
  2. Use Disk to Backup
    1. Windows
      When  Auto Play runs click Configure This Drive for Backup
      Configure this drive for backupAdd a Drive on the Backup Settings Page
      Backup Using File History
      Select your disk and you are good to go.
      By default it will backup your files hourly and keep them forever
      click More Options if you want to configure this
    2. Mac
      On a good day you will get a pop upBackup with TimeMachine
      Otherwise Open TimeMachine and select your disk
      Click Options to configure more settings
      Select Backup disk in TimeMachine Options

That is it

Leave the computer on and disk plugged in overnight and let it do its thing

You can either leave it plugged in so it constantly backups up
or once a month, plug it disk back in and leave it on overnight

If you want to backup multiple devices then you may want to consider a Network Attached Storage (NAS) Drive

NAS for multiple Backups
Connect your Network Storage to your Router and all Computers can back up to it


Further Reading

File History

Time Machine


Have you Backed Up?
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