Upgrade your Computer

it’s like giving spinach to Popeye 

upgrade your computer

Upgrade your Disk Drive

Upgrading your Hard Disk (HDD) to a Solid State Disk (SSD) is like giving Spinach to Popeye – put simply it will beef up your computer.  

While people have always been concerned with the size of their hard disk, they rarely consider the speed. Hard disks have a moving part which basically works like a record player and needle. So not only are you limited on how fast it goes but if you bump it enough, you will eventually break it.  

SSDs have no moving parts. This means they have zero lag while looking for files and don’t make loud scratching sounds. Prices are gradually coming down and you can pick up a 500GB SSD, which will be  large enough for the average person, for £72 +VAT.    


Upgrade your RAM

RAM is where all the files and programs you have open are stored. Opening your e-mails, a couple of word documents and a few tabs in Chrome will quickly see you 4GB of RAM eaten up.  This will then slow down your machine. Most machines now will happily upgrade to 8GB RAM, which would cost £66 +VAT.  

A Disk and RAM upgrade can make your 5yr computer, laptop or Mac run like it was fresh out the box. An upgraded computer or laptop takes an average of 20 seconds to turn on, meaning your machine will be ready to work before you’ve even made your first cup of coffee!


Got a slow computer? Contact Claude today to get your computer running as fast as Usain Bolt.   

*Prices are as of October 2018. As part of a computer upgrade all data will be copied to the new disk.

Computer Upgrade

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