Antivirus is like a lock on your front door stopping burglars breaking into your house

But it is pointless if you are going to open the door and let them in

I often get asked what is the best antivirus to use

And to be honest it depends on how you are using your device

For everyday simple, “I am NOT watching movies on dodgy websites” use, then Windows Defender will do

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If you are delving into the dark corners of the internet, then you probably would need something all singing and dancing with an e-mail scanner, link scanner, cookie crumb cleaner and tea maker

CallCalling Scammers

But saying that Antivirus software is like having a lock on your front door. You can go for a simple Yale lock or a system with CCTV, motion sensors and an iPhone app


Problem is, they all have a weak spot…. You

I see more events of people scamming their way in instead of breaking in


They knock on your door, pretending to be the Police, your e-mail provider or Microsoft

They are well spoken and charm you with their knowledge

They then unleash the most powerful weapon in the world, FEAR

And hey presto you have let them in, boiled the kettle and grabbing the cheque book.


Don’t let this be you

  • Make sure you have Antivirus Protection
  • NEVER let strangers in
  • Find an IT person that you can trust

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