Are you getting the BEST from your IT


ClaudeComputing specialises in providing a friendly, patient and jargon-free IT support service.

We support both business and home users with the goal of helping you get the best out of your IT

Fixing your IT is the easy bit.

Enabling you to understand your system and unlock its full potential is when things really get interesting

That’s why we don’t just offer a Break/Fix (it breaks we fix it) solution,

we also provide one to one training and IT development services

So for friendly local IT Support ub Hastings & London contact ClaudeComputing

What our clients say


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So far, so good. I haven't really had any problems yet, so the proof will be when those occur - which, no doubt, they will. Thank you for the help, prompt responses and genuinely helpful attitude. All very much appreciated.


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I feel extremely fortunate to have been recommended Claude. He is patience personified when it comes to talking me through solving some IT dilemma and has gone out of his way on several occasions to troubleshoot serious problems. His communications systems get better and better and I recommend him to everyone. It is a real reassurance to know that he is at the end of a phone (within reasonable working hours) or on email.


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